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From radio to Tv follow Pete and Get The App Or Stream it Live here Project Karma That Radio Showsupports and promotes Project Karma, a registered Australian charity that works to stop child exploitation.

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Private Chef Pete Hilcke is from beautiful Melbourne, Australia and is the Chef and Host of “The Australian Seafood Show” on Foxtel TV.

Chef Pete has also been featured as a Private Chef in “The Australian Financial Review” and has done interviews for Chef Radio in the UK.

Chef Pete talks about Getting Back to the Basics in the Kitchen by putting down our phones and connecting with family. He believes that having fun in the kitchen, where there is no right or wrong, just learning, involvement and engagement with one’s children, a spouse, family is a vital and treasured part of life.

Pete Hilcke has a love for and is quite an expert on seafood. He helps Mums, Dads and Kids grow together in the kitchen through getting back to the basics of cooking with seafood–all the while laughing and learning from one another while doing so.

Chef Pete Hilcke is a truly remarkable Chef and individual.

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The Australian seafood Show is an informative and educational show based around the Australian seafood industries. More importantly it is a show that showcases Australian seafood from Crabs to Sea Bass and Tuna to Sea Cucumbers, Wild Catch to Aquaculture.

These include primary industries beginning with the boats and fishermen themselves and their work at sea and waterways, and the varied methods of how Australian seafood is caught or gathered, stored and transported and finely cooked.

We meet all the people who buy it, sell it, cook it and even the people that consume it.

We invite all sectors of the seafood industry to reveal to the masses their secrets and knowledge of Australian seafood and the world-class product that it is. Come with us on this amazing journey that is THE AUSTRALIAN SEAFOOD SHOW So please sit back and enjoy, from your hosts Charlie Micallef and Pete Hilcke .. THE AUSTRALIAN SEAFOOD SHOW

“To inform and educate consumers on how Australian seafood is caught, processed and cooked from Wild Catch fisheries through to Aquaculture along with highlighting the beautiful Australian regions this seafood is farmed and fished. This is your total showcase of Australian seafood and the beauty surrounding it.”

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