Chef Pete Hilcke



Pete Hilcke is offering an amazing Journey of Serving the Sea.

Internationally acclaimed seafood Chef, Pete Hilcke takes you on a journey of the Ocean and what you can eat from it. His extensive travelling and work with seafood has become a pillar amongst his peers in the Seafood industry. He is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring you all on this Journey of Discovery …

“My goal in life is to educate people through my cooking. I want to teach them how sustainable seafood is managed and how we can make it into something great when cooked.
Because of my love for food and cooking techniques, I decided to teach other people about it and of course, of seafood in particular.
Since cooking has always been a passion of mine, I took it upon myself to explore and experiment with new flavor combinations that will further enhance and bring out the true taste of fresh produce. As a chef, I have to learn about experimenting on a lot of things from taste, texture and appeal.”
Pete Hilcke

Have you tried the following:

  • Patagonian Toothfish
  • Sea Urchin
  • Sea Cucumber

Try one of Pete’s Bespoke Menus to try the best of the best

What Makes Pete Tick:

Fresh Local Seasonal produce
Sustainable seafood locally caught
Travel & exploration of different cultures
The ability of food to bring communities together